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  • Do you have knives not listed on your site?
    Yes, occasionally I will have knives that are not on this site. Sometimes they have not been photographed yet, or they might be on Instagram (kevincrossknives). Just give me a call.
  • Do you take orders?
    Yes, I will do orders. However, since I am a part-time maker, delivery dates can vary widely. I will keep you informed and look forward to working with you.
  • What would I want a custom knife?
    As a custom knife maker, I use materials that companies that mass produce knives would not use due to cost and rarity. I will spend the extra time and attention necessary to make sure it will look good and give you excellent performance. Every knife I make is a little bit different. You will never find a rack of my knives with each one exactly as mediocre as the next. Each knife has its own personal feel. When you pick up one of my knives and it feels “just right” to you and it makes you want to work with it; it gives you joy to work with it. That is why you would want a custom knife. You have found a part of you!
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